Unlock the Telstra Elite Mobile Wi-Fi (MF60)

  1. Download the MF60 driver from here.
  2. Insert a non-Telstra SIM into the device and plug it into your computer.
  3. Let the drivers install. In device manager, you should see ZTE Diagnostics Interface and ZTE NMEA Device under COM Ports.
  4. Download DC-Unlocker and ensure it detects a modem when you select “ZTE Modems” and “(Auto-detect)”.
  5. Buy 7 credits for DC-Unlocker (7 Euro, or about $9AUD). Hit unlock!
  6. References: [1]

6 thoughts on “Unlock the Telstra Elite Mobile Wi-Fi (MF60)”

    1. Yep, worked fine on my Telstra version. (The method above.) I didn’t have to go through the extra stuff you mentioned about the Telenor firmware.

  1. Looks like I have found what I was after – am planning on giving this a go :-)

    Hoping it is as easy as it sounds!

    Will report back once I’ve tried this! Thanks guys!

  2. Hi

    I have a Telstra 4g wireless modem.

    You referred to things above ZTE diagnostics and MF60 drive. Do these apply to the 4g modem or is it for the 3g device? Please email to alert me to check back here.

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